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The art of indulgence

P&O Cruises’ ships are designed to pamper you at every turn - here are some ideas to get your dream cruise wish list started.


When you set sail for your cruise holiday, P&O Cruises wants to make sure you detach completely and that you needn't organise a single part of your day.

After working hard all year and rushing around in your everyday life, this is your one chance to go all out and get the rest and relaxation you deserve, in a place designed to spoil your mind, body and palate.

Everyone has a personal interpretation of 'indulgence' – how do you like to indulge on holiday? If you are having trouble answering this question here are some ideas to get you started:


How to: stay revived on your cruise holiday

We always say we'd like to take care of our bodies better. Onboard is where you can finally slow down and take time just for yourself.

Start your morning with some yoga and a swim before breakfast. Then wander down to the spa and let the expert staff work their magic, releasing tension, buffing, polishing and giving you the full VIP treatment. In the Pacific Jewel's spa Acqua, for example, you can treat yourself to their signature facial, which uses a combination of essential oils infused with a diamond in each bottle to energise and brighten the skin and improve cell activity. Or, lie back and enjoy a bamboo massage, where oil-soaked bamboo shoots will soothe tired muscles.

Check out the treatments offered on your ship's spa here.


There's no driving to the restaurant, trying to find a car park or even bringing cash with you. There's no queuing in the supermarket, slaving in the kitchen or washing up afterwards. You don't even have to decide on one dish and then suffer meal envy – at La Luna and Salt grill by Luke Mangan you can be served a decadent degustation where you will have a diverse range of dishes brought to you in quick succession so that you can try almost everything on the menu!

Or perhaps you'd like to opt for the Chef's Table experience. On the Pacific Pearl and Pacific Jewel, up to 12 guests can be accommodated for an exclusive evening of fine dining. Start with cocktails in a tranquil location such as the Oasis before moving to the private wine room where the Executive Chef will greet you personally to take you through the menu and specially selected wines for a series of courses fit for even the most discerning gourmand.


It's hard to schedule in romantic time even on weekends with house chores, children or both of you spending hours in front of a laptop or television. You don't have to make an effort to find romance onboard – even getting from your cabin to your restaurant in the evening can involve a stroll on deck looking out over a moonlit ocean. However, for those who really want to reconnect with their partner, P&O Cruises is highly adept in providing a range of temptations for every couple.

Start with your choice of cabin. Did you know you can choose a Suite or Mini Suite that includes over 25 little luxuries to make for an experience neither of you will forget. Imagine opening the door of your private Suite to find champagne, flowers, a Jacuzzi, a thick fluffy bathrobe and even a pillow concierge!
For more details on suite and mini suite facilities see here

Cruises are certainly geared for families but not necessarily in the way you think. Private time on your own is simple when children can be occupied for hours in the Kid's Clubs while you and your partner escape to the quiet and sophisticated sanctuary of The Oasis, complete with daybeds, a sea view and someone to bring you cocktails whenever you please.


Once again, when you're at home, the inevitable entertainment option for most of us involves crashing after a hard day of work on the couch in front of the television. But when you're away on a cruise, there is a whole world of live entertainment that will give you a thrilling night out worth getting dressed up for. Think musicals, magic shows, comedy nights, dancing, Broadway shows, karaoke, recent release films on the big screen, the casino, rock bands, themed party nights, laser light extravaganzas and even an onboard circus. There really is a whole world of entertainment right outside your cabin – the difficulty will be in fitting it all in.
Start choosing where you'll go for bright lights, laughs and maybe some dancing after dinner here.

For de-stressing try our article on ‘Six activities for onboard relaxation'.

For parents wanting more time for themselves, see how this couple kept their two boisterous boys occupied in 'Keeping Kids Busy on a Cruise'. 

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