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How to photograph a sunset

Learn how to capture these magical moments out at sea.

4 ways to make the most of a long cruise

When looking back at the photos of spectacular sunsets, people often say, "You had to be there! The photo just doesn't do it justice!" - But not necessarily.

Here are a range of tips from the experts on how to take a proper photo of this magical moment of the day, that is always made even more breathtaking when experienced from the ship's deck out on the open water.

Roie Galitz from via


The most interesting sunsets are those where light clouds and haze are in the sky. The haze will make a very dramatic sky. The sunlight coming through the clouds will create deep reds and purples, which will help you create a strong scene.


Well the basic rule is keep the sun up and the sea down. No, really now, is best to place the sun at one of the sides of the frame, rather than at the center, this will help you to create more interest in the frame. Also, try and place some other interesting objects in the frame, other than the sun.

'Top Ten Sunset Photography Tips And Tricks' from


The worst sunset pictures are those where the horizon splits the picture across the middle so by adding a tree, church spire, foreground detail or even a person silhouetted to your shot you'll have something else to attract your eye and keep you interested in the shot.

Look for locations where foreground detail can lead the eye through the shot. This could be a path, fence or stream. Objects such as trees, rocks and structures will give you foreground detail that's not only interesting but it will help create a composition that's much more three-dimensional. You can also use branches, windows in structures, gates and doorways as frames. If you find them to be too distracting, throw them out of focus.

White balance

To enhance the colours of your sunset further take your camera off auto white-balance mode and use the shade or cloud setting to give the sunset colours a bit of a boost.


If your camera has a built-in flash you could set an exposure that would underexpose the background and allow the flash to provide the correctly exposed foreground detail, giving you a shot that's slightly different to the sunset photos we are used to seeing.


Darren Rowse from

Shoot at a variety of exposures

If you let your camera decide what shutter length to shoot at you’re likely to get a shot that doesn’t really capture the beauty of the light. Quite often the shot will be under exposed because the sky is still reasonably light.

Instead of relying upon the camera’s auto mode a sunset is an ideal time to switch your camera into aperture or shutter priority mode and to take a variety of shots at different exposures.

The great thing about sunsets and sunrises is that there is no one ‘right’ exposure and that you can get stunning results using a variety of them. Also keep in mind that different exposures (aperture and shutter speeds) will produce a variety of different results so it’s worth taking more than just a few shots – the key is experimentation.


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