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Do you know how to dive safely?

Enjoy diving into the sea or the swimming pool safely and with grace.

dive safely

When you're on a P&O Cruises holiday there are plenty of opportunities to dive into onboard pools, off rocks into shallow snorkelling water or even off a boat into greater depths. Make sure you and your family know how to dive properly so that everyone comes home safe from a day of swimming.

Tip 1 from Thomas Plante at Man Made
If you're simply diving in from the pool's edge, stand with your toes at the very edge when attempting your dive. When you dive in, you should have your arms pointing straight up over your head. They should also be covering your ears without squeezing them too tightly. Keep your chin tucked into your chest until you enter the water. This will keep you from executing the dreaded (and painful) belly flop.

Tip 2 from Everybodyswim.blogspot.
Perhaps you don't feel confident diving at all. This short video shows you how you can work up gradually to finish with a perfect graceful launch into the water.

Tip 3 from Tourism on the edge
If you're going for something slightly more adventurous and diving off a cliff, here is advice from the experts:
Jump feet first! It is said that most of the professional cliff divers (in fact, 98%) dive in this manner, mainly because diving head first is very dangerous. As you start to come in contact with the water, remember to breathe out through your nose, not to let any water affect your breathing process.

Love getting in the water? Check out these incredible Shore Tours that will have you swimming in the some of the most crystal clear water in the world...

Snorkel the Natural Aquarium

Akaroa Swim with the Dolphins

Kiwi Canyoning Adventure

Akaroa Harbour Swim with the Dolphins

Enjoy a two hour cruise onboard a jet-powered boat where you’ll have the opportunity to swim dolphins.
3 hours | 159.99 | 129.99

Kiwi Canyoning Adventure

Kiwi Canyoning Adventure in the Waitakere Ranges; a subtropical rainforest over volcanic rock.
7.5 hours | 199.99 | 199.99

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